Another Side

by astridirma

This is my play list for now:

The Ox–Bulan Yang Sama l RHCP-Fortune Faded l Efek Rumah Kaca–12 Desember l Lenka–The Show l Raditya Dika Project–Selamanya l PlainWhiteTs–1234 I Love You l Nidji–Last To Know l Avenged Sevenfold-Sidewinder l Vidi Aldiano–Cinta Palsu l Jem–It’s Amazing l The Cranberries– Linger l Garasi–Possessive l Maroon 5–Harder To Breathe l Britney Spears-If You Seek Amy

I put only them in a Jet Audio play list and listen it repeatedly. FYI, I could stay with the same song title when I really stuck on it with do not care my friends hate it :lol:

It had been three weeks I laid my PC trough in front of TV beside my bed in family room. So that while typing or editing I still can watch TV. Haha.. It means that my bedroom had been changed its function to be wardrobe and musholla :p yeah, I never sleep there.

For many hours I faced PC in order to refresh and got new ideas, but finally I got nothing. I nowadays being so moody (close to lazy) even more I can’t force my self do something whereas tomorrow will be their deadline. In other way I like have alotta activities to provocative my self do something. It better like being busy than have nothing to do, I think.

This month I had joined the intern organization of my subject. Immediately as a newbie, I have responsibility to make the first bulletin which is publish twice in a month in a row and now I’m still have no idea for its theme.. huhu

Something that annoying every single time is my incomplete Open SAT Project. (I said it in my first post then I write down it again…yeah). For its newest progress I have some mates in a group to realize it. Hopefully it can be done as fast as possible.

Anyway, why was I have a holiday in every weekend? Two weeks ago I went to pacitan with my classmates then last week I had a trip with the others in Jogja. Interestingly, both of them were beach :lol: Yeah, I always love places that related to water.


achitecture 06 – SAT

Did you know, the same thing from that pictures is, I was wearing the same T-shirt :D. dunno, it was not in purposes.

I planed this Saturday go to water boom, but unfortunately there was an event about exercises to business’ start up. I joined this program in a group to built the new trade. Start from now my schedule has been added. It can be an exercise, an entertainment and also a responsibility. It doesn’t matter as long as I can enjoy them all.

Then I have many views now bout life and living. One of them has been said yesterday, there was an African poem like this,

Every sun shine a deer wake up, it knows it has to run faster than a lion that the fastest, if it’s not it will be killed.

Every sun shine a lion wake up, it knows it has to catch a deer that the slowest, if it’s not it will be hungry.

No matter you are a deer or a lion, when the sun shine better you start to work.

Such a good idea if we’re organizing our time to sleep – which is not more than 5 hours a day for me. It can be used to another surely, then on weekend we still have a holiday.. ;)

The last, I think I need a new play list.