Homecoming: ‘Welcome Home, Spidey!’

by astridirma

I always excited for every single superhero movie, especially for MCU. It connects all stand-alone movie and also the TV series. It feels so nice, once again, to be able to say, “Welcome home, Spidey!” Though the last sequel of Amazing Spider Man should continue its stories, but at least after Civil War, we knew that this Tom Holland kid was promising.

Movie was started with original fun version Spider Man soundtrack. It told us that it might not be dark movie (all of Marvel movie never go dark, anyway) Then it displayed new opening of Marvel studio containing all movie they had, including Doctor Strange and Guardian Galaxy as well. But I’d rather love the old one. For seconds I guessed how the plot began.  I didn’t watch any trailer of any movie, because it was more enjoyable to know nothing.

After this line, better you stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie yet. I will split out all the story.

Thankfully, movie started without numerous story of bitten by genetically modified spider. You may not know why Thor fought with Loki or why Hulk’s pants could stretch nicely, but you don’t need story why Peter Parker could jump over buildings. Don’t you? Also no more death of Uncle Ben. The mixed feeling of losing and guilty was so terrible. But if Aunt May was that hottie, we will be curious who would play Uncle Ben. Don’t say it’s Tom Hardy. Uwuwuwu.. 

‘A film by Peter Parker’ was incredibly so real. Who doesn’t want to record a meeting with Avengers anyway. It was a fresh opening for entertaining factor. The first motivational quotes here was by Mr Stark. Because Tony Stark is Tony Stark, he said to Peter, “Don’t do anything I would do and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” He told Peter to found grey area in there. This was like replacing the famous Spider Man quotes ever: With great power comes great responsibility. I mean it’s okay since Peter is 15 years old, because for teenager instead of being wise, he might be burdened. Haha xD

You won’t see a lovey dovey story. Homecoming was very much a high school movie. Driving license problem, nerd best friend, beautiful crush and prom night.

Spider-ManHomecomingPEClass-768x322 (1)

Typical American High School (source: aminoapps.com)

After short trip with Avengers in Berlin, Peter came back to Queens struggling with his high school problems while doing ‘Stark Internship’. A sloppy Spider Kid with his nicely – stretch – Spider Man – suit trying to impress Tony Stark more. Civil War didn’t make him part of the band. Not yet.


People in studio was like laughing and after He pressed the button, “whooaa..” (source:fansided.com)

Michael Keaton may really love to become another bird things. Instead of accidentally monster created by chemicals experiments, here they are, brilliant scavenger with his cool winged-jet-pack. The villain was not creating new world order by mass lethal weapon, but just for ordinary family-care disorder.


The Vulture (source: fansided.com)

If you saw just one villain, you might be wrong. The other one was Peter himself. When he’s nothing without his spider suit, then he doesn’t deserve it. Even though we knew how it end. Honestly, Andrew Garfield’s suit is still the coolest one by its color, but….. nothing beats the super awesome flying squirrel – talking suit with hundreds of web combination. It even have flying drone robots like Falcon’s red wings. The Iron Spider is coming soon. How about Peter’s natural spider sense, anyway?


I-just-can’t-skip-this (source: aminoapps.com)

Have you found so many Asian guy here? The Indian wedding, the freak toilet guy, the Joe Taslim – like headmaster xD. Instead of a board-shoulder guy, Flash Thompson is just another nerd, but meaner and wealthier. Then.. who was Zendaya playing? MJ ice-cool version? Geez.. or may be the Cast Director wanted to make characters literally memorable. We all agree for Aunt May.

Lots of comedy. Still, stand-alone Spider Man movie, not bothering too much with Iron-Man. Tony here is like surrogate father for Peter. He’s the one who believe a teenager could become Avengers. Later all will say the same. Can’t wait for The Infinity War. Will it start with Stark wedding? No?

Not so many hints of the next MCU movie, but we can assume that Tony and Steve are fine. Cap’s new shield? Will it be hundreds swing combination? Another Jarvis built in? xD We’ll see..

The movie was clean slate, light, yet thrilling enough. I remembered the ship scene as thrill as train scene in Amazing Spider Man. The comedy was witty and warmhearted. Peter was really The Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man by swung in literal neighborhood. There was not much to dislike here. Tom Holland amazingly swings his role. He may be the most perfectly portrayal for Spider Man. Though it is not the best Spider Man reboot, still I can’t hate any of Marvel movie. I-Just-Can’t. I’ll watch it over and over again.

And don’t say you are Marvel fan, if you leave studio before the credits end.